Access Hilton Team Member Travel Program

Hilton is the major hospitality company based in the United States and was created by Conrad Hilton in 1919. It has resorts and hotels in more than 500 locations in 76 different countries around the world.  It is operating 10 different hotel brands all providing different types of services according to your travel desires and needs. Company mainly works on business travelers as well as it also has resorts and hotels in the whole world. It aims to facilitate its Customers By Providing Best Living And Home Like Environment.

What Are The Requirements To Reserve A Room At Hilton?

If you want to enjoy travel program at Hilton you have to fulfill the below requirements:

  • You must be a regular full or part time employee of the company.
  • One can only use this program for leisure travels.

Detailed Procedure In Order To Reserve A Room At Hilton:

  1. First of all turn on your computer system and open the web browser in order to start the process.
  2. Insert this URL link of website into address bar of browser to get an access to the homepage.
  3. When you get an access to the homepage of the website you are required to read the instructions and details on how the program works.
  1. After reading the instructions, you will find a tab which is labeled as “Begin here” located at the center of page. Once you have got the button click on it which will take you to another webpage.
  2. Now you have to confirm your location by entering your city, state, or country name but before doing that makes sure that your cookies are in working form to save location.
  3. Click on the button of “Find it” after conformation of location.
  4. After that you are supposed to look for for all hotels by adding your details about location and dates of travel.
  5. You need to choose the hotel according to your preference of rooms, family member with Hilton travel program rates. You can stay up to seven consecutive nights at discounted rates.
  6. In Hilton travel program charges differ depending upon the size of room, type of hotel and day of the week. You can also check room details and rates before making the final decision.
  7. At the moment you have chosen hotel you are required to reserve your room by adding your credit card and personal details to confirm room.
  8. After completion of process, you will receive a confirmation number through email. You should take this number to your HR department or manager to get a signed travel passport.
  9. For queries and help about Hilton team member travel program feel free to visit FAQ page of the website.

Services And Incentives Offered By Hilton:

Hilton is offering many services for the company’s employee some of which are given below:

  • You have to select the resort around the world where you want to go. You can order reservations online by accessing the website instead of making call to customer service.
  • Employee can search beautiful and extravagant buildings, wonderful rooms and awesome locations and rent a room at discounted rate.
  • Employee can plan or schedule a meeting in a professional environment and with help of planning tools.
  • They provide the best atmosphere ad service for your wedding ceremony, rehearsal, reception and much more.
  • It also offers perfect atmosphere for your wedding, reception and many more.
  • You can also make your week pleasant and perfect through bed and breakfast package online. You can enjoy special rates and breakfasts.

Benefits Of Hilton Team Member Travel Program:

Hilton Team Member Travel Program is a rewards program which is for the employees of the company to book a room at discount prices.

  • This program is for all the regular part time or full time employees as well as for its contributory companies.
  • You can book rooms for you and your family online at any of the Hilton locations across the world at special discounted prices.
  • You can book the reservations in advance at any of the hotels under this program.
  • You can sign up for the program and enjoy the benefits. Team members can only use the program while on leisure travel and not on business travel.
  • When checking in to your selected hotel, you must have a valid travel passport and a photo ID in hand.

How One Can Change His Reservation Online?

  • If you want to change your reservation you have to select a link of “Reservations” located on homepage.
  •  As you get an access to Reservation page you are required to find a section with the heading of “View, cancel or change Reservation” add confrimation code in the required field along with your last name and last four numbers of credit card to construct your reservation.
  • At the moment your reservation has been retrieved now choose information which you would like to update or change and click on button which is labeled as “Change”.

Where Do I Find The Cancellation Of Reservation Policy?

You can find the cancellation policy on the Rooms and Rates page. You can also find it on Guest information page.

Contact information:

  • For online Reservation assistance contact our Internet desk of Reservation by making a call at 1-800-774-1500 from inside United States or Canada.
  • Customers those are from outside of United States may call at 1-800-774-1500.
  • If you want to make Reservation of Hilton by phone you are required to make call at 1-800-445-8667 only if you are calling from Canada or United States.
  • If you live inside region then contact local office of reservation.